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Holiday Availability and Pricing Information

$300 Holiday Rental Fee applies to:

  • Memorial Day weekend (Friday-Sunday)
  • Labor Day weekend (Friday-Sunday)
  • Easter Weekend
  • Independence Day Weekend
  • Thanksgiving Weekend (Saturday)
  • Halloween
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Every Sunday

Holidays unavailable to rent:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Easter
  • Independence Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

Couple's Information

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Event Details

Event Rental Season

Setup / Décor / Dress Rehearsal Rental

Secures day before wedding for decorating, setup and storage
  • Access to venue from 9am-6pm day before wedding
  • On-site rehearsal for ceremony*
  • Rehearsals can go no later than 6pm
    Setup / Décor / Dress Rehearsal Rental

    Outdoor Ceremony $350

    Includes: Outdoor sound system (optional), guidance of setting up outdoor ceremony chairs, access to PWEC’s Spotify Account, ceremony/rehearsal coordination*

    Indoor Ceremony $350

    Includes: chairs, indoor sound system (optional), access to PWEC’s Spotify Account, reset for reception, ceremony/rehearsal coordination*

    Ceremony Rental

    *Prairie Winds Event Center staff will assist with the rehearsal and sending you down the aisle if needed. Onsite rehearsals can go no later than 4:30pm. If décor/rehearsal day is rented, we extend this to 6pm. PWEC does not provide a space for rehearsal dinners.

    Prairie Winds Event Center will only provide sound system for ceremonies. PWEC will provide microphones for use throughout the event. A sound system will need to be provided by a DJ or a rental service for the dance portion of the event.


    Packages and Options

    Basic Package $3.25/guest


    • Set up/tear down of all tables and chairs
    • Linen tablecloths (black, white or ivory)
    • Cleaning of facility
    • Setting of tables with PWEC’s glassware
    • Bussing of tables/taking out garbage
    • Washing of glassware
    • Water table service through dinner and water station until end of event
    • PWEC Manager on site throughout day of event
    • Access to PWEC’s Spotify Premium account
    • PWEC’s white lit back drop and over head barista lights
    • Event staff locking gifts/cards in gift closet
    • Lighting

    Premium Package $5.50/guest

    Includes everything in Basic Package plus:

    • Premium Package $5.50/guest
    • Includes everything in Basic Package plus:
    • Use of linen napkins (various colors)
    • Folding and placing of linen napkins on tables
    • Use of PWEC’s chinaware and silverware
    • Setting of tables with chinaware and silverware
    • Event staff refilling snacks and non-alcoholic beverages
    • Event staff assisting with refilling of dessert tables
    • Complimentary bottle of champagne (if desired)
    Package Choice

    Your Big Day Summary

    Guest Payment Worksheet

    Total Rental Fee:{subtotal}

    Reception Rental + Décor/Rehearsal Rental + Ceremony Rental

    Rental Deposit: $850

    • Must be paid at signing
    • Non-refundable

    Décor/Rehearsal Deposit:

    • Must be paid at signing
    • Amount equal to half of full Décor/Rehearsal rental fee
    • Non-refundable

    Remaining Rental:

    • Due 10 days prior to event
    • Can be paid in installments prior to event

    Security Deposit: $250

    • Written on separate check
    • Due 10 days prior to event
    • Check is returned to you if no damages occur

    Package Fee:

    • Basic or Premium Package
    • Due day of event
    • Number is based off final guest count
    • Wedding party not included in this number (PWEC’s gift to the couple!)

    Bar Deposit: $150

    • Due 10 days prior to event
    • Refundable if bar sales meet or exceed $750

    Terms and Conditions of Rental

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