Bar Contract (Legal Signed)

Step 1 of 4 - Prairie Winds Event Center Alcohol Policy

Prairie Winds Event Center is responsible for the sale and service of any alcoholic beverages in accordance with the State of Iowa Alcohol Beverages Division Regulations. In Compliance with state law, all alcoholic beverages must be supplied by Prairie winds Event Center. All alcoholic beverages must be served by Prairie Winds Event Center bartenders and/or staff. Event guests must be prepared to show proper and valid identifications upon request when ordering or consuming alcoholic beverages. If no ID is shown when requested, no service will be provided. Any event guest that appears to be 40 years of age or younger must be able to show proof of birth date. The following is a non-exhaustive list of policies of Prairie Winds Event Center for the use of bar services:
  • The maximum length of bar service is seven (7) hours and will not be served later than 11:30pm.
  • Last call for ALL events serving alcohol is 11:15PM.
  • Provision of food must accompany any provision of alcohol.
  • The state of Iowa prohibits the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages to persons under the ages of 21. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • The bartender reserves the rights to refuse service to any guest for any reason.
  • No alcohol may be removed from the premises and/or brought onto the premises and will result in the signee receiving a fine of $500. Bartenders, Event Staff and Prairie Winds Event Center Management have the right to confiscate any alcohol brought onto the premises from the outside.
  • Prairie Winds Event Center reserves the right to suspend liquor service at any time for any reason without warning.
  • Each event with bar service including alcohol requires a deposit of $150 due ten (10) days prior to event. If deposit is not received ten (10) days prior to event, beverage service will be denied. The bar deposit MUST be written out on a separate check. The deposit will be refunded to the signee within thirty (30) days following the Event only if sales exceed $750.
  • Any non-alcoholic bar service requires deposit of $75, of which will be returned in full if bar sales exceed $250.
  • Bar menu is subject to change without warning due to availability of product.
  • Décor is not allowed on serving side of bar besides drinkware and/or bar menu.

ALL alcoholic beverages must be purchased through Prairie Winds Event Center. Any alcohol brought into the facility at any time will be disposed of or removed from the facility.