Tulip Queen Breakfast

Every third weekend in May, Orange City, Iowa celebrates and honors their strong Dutch heritage by hosting an annual Tulip Festival. Anyone is welcome to come visit Orange City and enjoy this family fun packed 3 days. An abundance of gorgeous tulips, windmills and community members in their Dutch costumes indulging in poffertjes, a traditional Dutch treat comparable to a delicious tiny pancake can all be found in Orange City during the celebration.

We were honored to be a part of the kick off of the Tulip Festival by hosting the Tulip Queen breakfast here at Prairie Winds Event Center on May 16. The tulip courts and other festival royalty from Pella, Iowa and Orange City came together in traditional dress. This year the Orange City Tulip Queen and her court wore a traditional costume from the fishing village of Marken in Noord-Holland on the Zuiderzee. The characteristic wooden houses of Marken area a well-known tourist attraction. The Pella queen and court wore a traditional costume from Huizen. The word Huizen is Dutch for houses and is thought to have had the first stone houses in the region. The Pella tulip court performed their road show and were presented with gifts from Mayor of Orange City, Deb De Haan. The Tulip Queens and their court enjoyed a morning of fellowship and preparation for the busy days ahead.

The Tulip Queen Breakfast was catered by Creative Dining Services, Tulip Festival courts and royalty enjoyed croissant breakfast sandwiches and fresh fruit. The talented Joshua Dahl provided colorful tulip shaped sugar cookies for our guests that added to the charm of the event. Each table showcased a gorgeous handcrafted watercolor painting by Ella Swart of the Tulip queens and their court, complimented by a single tulip as a centerpiece from the flower market in Orange City.