For public safety, fog/smoke usage is restricted to water-based chemicals. Approval must be obtained from Prairie Winds Event Center and the Orange City Fire Department.



For public safety reason, only Class I lasers shall be permitted. Class II or greater are prohibited within the building.



Any guest that intends to use pyrotechnics on the premises shall hold a valid license issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasure-Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, for the use of “low explosives.” A copy of this license shall be provided to Prairie Winds Event Center management at least 30 days prior to event date. The use of pyrotechnics within the licensed area shall be approved by the guest who shall remain directly responsible to Prairie Winds Event Center for all activities as described in the License Agreement. A complete description of the pyrotechnic activity shall be prepared and submitted to the facility 30 days in advance of the event and include the following information:

  • Permit from Orange City Fire Department.
  • Plots showing exact location, type and number of devices.
  • Protective materials and equipment for activity.
  • Location and number of fire extinguishers for activity.
  • Schedule of activities, number of certified pyrotechnic operators, and their locations.
  • Schedule for pre-show pyrotechnic test to be conducted in the presence of an Orange City Fire Inspector.
  • Pyrotechnic contractor shall provide a certificate of insurance to Prairie Winds Event Center management naming Prairie Winds Event Center, Prairie Winds Event Center staff, and City of Orange City as additionally insured.
  • In addition to the above requirements the contractor must be licensed by the State of Iowa.