Prairie Winds Event Center must approve all rigging, and reserves the right to retain consultants at the guest’s expense to review or verify rigging specifications. Nothing may be attached to any Prairie Winds Event Center electrical or mechanical system. This includes, but is not limited to, ducts, electrical conduit or raceways, plumbing, acoustical baffles, or sprinkler pipes. Rigging may only be attached to structural members.

All rigging at Prairie Winds Event Center must be in accordance with all national, state, and local safety codes, including, but not limited to, OSHA, BOCA, and PWEC policy.



Floor, wall, and ceiling drilling is strictly prohibited.



For public safety, as well as courtesy to other guests, all movable walls must be installed and removed by Prairie Winds Event Center staff only.



Installation of all utility services involving electrical, air, water, water drainage, or internet/telephone connections must be performed or supervised by Prairie Winds Event Center management.

Prairie Winds Event Center electrical equipment, such as extension cords, electrical panels, spotlights, and fixtures are not to be removed by guest or any other unauthorized persons. Violators will be assessed an appropriate charge for any removals.

Under no circumstances shall distribution panels or mechanical equipment be blocked or access impedes.

Floor boxes may NOT be accessed by anyone other than Prairie Winds Event Center personnel.



For the safety and comfort of all our visitors, animals are not permitted in Prairie Winds Event Center except in conjunction with an approved exhibit, display or performance, which absolutely requires the use of an animal. The guest is responsible for obtaining all appropriate permits. Guide, signal or service dogs (as defined by Law) are allowed in Prairie Winds Event Center. All sanitary needs for animals are the responsibility of the guest.



Public Safety is a top priority at Prairie Winds Event Center. All rooms have a maximum occupancy, which may not be exceeded. Prairie Winds Event Center reserves the right to deny further entry into these spaces in order to protect public safety.



Overnight parking on Prairie Winds Event Center property is prohibited. Options for the rental of the parking lot areas for outside exhibits and/or guest parking are available.



As designated under the State of Iowa law, Prairie Winds Event Center is a non-smoking facility. No smoking will be allowed within 100 feet of all entrances and exits to Prairie Winds Event Center. No Prairie Winds Event Center employee subcontractors, and/or subcontractors’ employees will be allowed to smoke on Prairie Winds Event Center premises while “clocked-in.”



Prairie Winds Event Center retains all rights and permissions for the sale of merchandise and novelty items sold within the facility and facility premises. Merchandise and novelty products include, but are not limited to, T-shirts, programs, pictures, records, tapes, and miscellaneous show promotion items. A facility merchandise fee may be applicable. All negotiations to arrange for event sale and compensation procedures are to be directed to Prairie Winds Event Center management.