Prairie Winds Event Center management will provide the most professional, efficient, and courteous service the guest has ever experienced. Prairie Winds Event Center management will:

  • Contact guest following execution of event agreement.
  • Be the guest’s primary Prairie Winds Event Center liaison before, during, and after event.
  • Be responsible for gathering all event information and provide that information to all necessary Prairie Winds Event Center departments.
  • Generate an Estimate and Detailed Report for guest’s review and approval no later then 30 days prior to event.



Prairie Winds Event Center is committed to providing first-class hospitality, maximum safety, and effective cost controls. Prairie Winds Event Center is responsible for the conduct of their employees, subcontractors, and subcontractors’ employees. Employees not in compliance with Prairie Winds Event Center policy may be barred temporarily or permanently from Prairie Winds Event Center. This includes the following:

  • Restricted areas of Prairie Winds Event Center are labeled “Authorized Personnel Only” and are off limits to all personnel except authorized by Prairie Winds Event Center. Unauthorized personnel found in restricted areas will be reported to the appropriate employer and may be subject to permanent dismissal from Prairie Winds Event Center.
  • Profane language and disorderly conduct are not permitted at any time. State of Iowa Anti-Bullying/Anti-Harassment Laws will be strictly enforced, and any violation of these will be severely punished. For more information of said laws, please visit
  • The use of alcoholic beverages in the workplace is strictly prohibited. The use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited at all times. All employees may be subject to drug and alcohol testing at any time, and is at the discretion of Prairie Winds Event Center management.
  • Cost of repair to any damages to Prairie Winds Event Center equipment or property that may be caused by their employees.

To maintain security, all event personnel including show and service contractor staff, exhibitor-appointed contract staff, temporary help, exhibitors and other workers affiliated with an event must enter and leave PWEC through the entrances and exits designated by Prairie Winds Event Center management.