No later that 30 days before the event, Prairie Winds Event Center requires the guest to provide one copy of a full and complete floor plan and a description of all electrical, communications systems, and plumbing work for the event, all of which is subject to Prairie Winds Event Center approval. The guest must also provide Prairie Winds Event Center with all other information required by Prairie Winds Event Center concerning the event, such as room set-ups, staging, and catering specifics no later than ten days before the event.



Guest is responsible for the removal of any personal property, equipment, signs and
props from Prairie Winds Event Center at the end of event. If not, Prairie Winds Event Center may exercise the right to discard any such items.



Prairie Winds Event Center equipment such as tables, chairs, audio/visual equipment, etc. is available on a first-call basis as available in current inventory.



If possible, the following requests for any special resources must be made at time of room reservation:

• Requests for internet service must be made at least 48 hours prior to event.
• Request for video conferencing must be at least 72 hours prior to event.
• Requests for use of projectors, owned by Prairie Winds Event Center, will be granted based on availability.

Any equipment must be “checked-out” with Prairie Winds Event Center staff and “checked-in” with Prairie Winds Event Center staff immediately following the conclusion of the event. Checked-out equipment may not be left unattended at any time. Failure to follow procedures will result in the loss of privilege to use any equipment owned by Prairie Winds Event Center. Should any “checked-out” equipment be lost or damaged during use, the guest will be responsible for the replacement costs and will be billed accordingly.