Banners, signs, pictures, notices, or advertisements may only be placed in locations, and by methods, approved in advance by Prairie Winds Event Center. We require posters to be mounted on easels and/or individual holders. Staples and tacks are prohibited and may not be used on any building surface or equipment. No posters, playbills or any other signage may be taped, stapled or affixed to any surface in the building. No stickers will be allowed to be distributed.

Tape of any type is prohibited in all areas of the building. Tape should not be placed on tables, chairs, walls, etc. The guest will be billed for any damages resulting from the removal of taped items.

All signage must be of a printed nature and meet with the approval of Prairie Winds Event Center management. At move-out, all posted signage must be removed by the guest. If any materials are left in or on the building, the guest will be billed at the prevailing labor rates to remove.



Fire safety laws demand that all electrical and neon signs must conform to national electrical codes and are required by Prairie Winds Event Center. Graphics, signs, or advertising displays may not be blocked in any manner at any time. During move-out following the event, all wires, hooks, screws, and hanging materials used to hang signs must be removed.



The method and location of special installations must be approved in advance by Prairie Winds Event Center management. Final approval will be determined after consideration of other building tenants occupying the space at the same time. The provided picture rails accommodates optional display space, and may be used with Prairie Winds Event Center management approval. The following is a general list of decoration guidelines:

  • No one may tape, nail, tack, or otherwise fasten to ceilings, painted surfaces, columns, walls, or windows decorations of any kind.
  • Decorations may not block doors, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, emergency equipment signage, emergency exits, or lighting systems.
  • Permanent installations in common spaces may not be blocked.
  • All decorating materials must be constructed of flameproof material or treated with an approved fire retardant solution. Spot testing may be performed by the Orange City Fire Department.
  • No one may use adhesive backed decals or stickers nor may they be distributed anywhere on the premises.
  • “Glitter” and confetti may not be used in any area of the building.
  • Only PWEC staff may move planters, lobby furniture, and other equipment in the public areas.
  • Distribution of helium balloons in PWEC is allowed. If helium balloons become detached from a display, the labor cost to retrieve the balloons will be charged to the guest. For safety reasons, compressed gas cylinders used to inflate balloons must be properly secured to prevent toppling.
  • Guest, with PWEC staff supervision, will be responsible for removal and clean up of any dirt, bark, much, or similar materials used for decorating purposes.