Upon booking an event, the renter is required to pay a deposit of 50% of the total rental cost. An invoice will be provided 30 days prior to event showing the remaining rental cost due. This amount will be due ten days prior to the event. Neither payment is refundable.

For your convenience and clarification, an Event Settlement Sheet summarizing rent, additional charges, and any credits is prepared after each event. Any additional charges and fees acrued during or after the event will be charged to the renter. These charges may include, but are not limited to:

  • General room lighting, heat/air conditioning if extra days are needed for move-in, event, and        move-out.
  • Additional electrical service
  • Additional telecommunications service
  • Audio/visual equipment and dedicated labor
  • Additional Natural gas, water, and drainage service
  • Additional Janitorial and cleaning
  • Additional trash hauling fees
  • Additional security or police officer services
  • Emergency Medial Technician services
  • Damages to Prairie Winds Event Center and equipment
  • Additional equipment rental
  • Water service for attendees
  • Custom table linens
  • Removal of personal property cost or fees



Accepted payments are cash, check, money order, or cashiers check.  All guests must pay their rental deposit upon reservation. Prairie Winds Event Center reserves the right to request payment in advance for estimated additional cost beyond minimum rental.

Failure of payment by said date, will be brought to a collection agency of Prairie Winds Event Center’s choosing.



For guest clarification, Prairie Winds Event Center management will provide an Estimation and Detailed Report prior to event. Guest will be asked to sign the Estimation and Detailed Report, and agree to the charges prior to event. Charges are subject to change.



The guest is responsible for all damages. For accuracy in billing, Prairie Winds Event Center management should inspect all leased space prior to move-in to determine existing conditions. Guest will be informed of all damages which occur after event with written reports and photographs as soon as they are documented. A final walk-through will take place at the conclusion of your event



The building will be provided to the renter as specified in the Rental Agreement. The floor will be clean upon move-in. It is the responsibility of the guest to return the building in its original condition. Or, a cleaning service will be provided at guest’s expense.